Sublime Raw

Cold, Raw, Bioactive

We build our own CO2 extractors from scratch.  That means that we’ve tuned every aspect of our process to create a cold press, extra virgin, full spectrum oil that has a flavor profile that is true to flower.  Enjoy our most bioactive oil.

Available Products:

  • El Fuego - Sativa / Lamb’s bread
  • Glow - Sativa Hybrid / Sour Diesel
  • Sundays - Indica Hybrid/ OG Kush
  • Melt - Indica / XXX OG


Sublime Gold

Refined for potency, Impossibly smooth

Sublime gold carts have proprietary terpene profiles that will amaze you.  There is simply no other clear like it.  Experience “dab like” pulls.  Glass tips, better hits.

Available Products:

  • Tokyo - Sativa / Green Goddess
  • Rio - Sativa Hybrid / Sour Diesel
  • Malibu - Indica Hybrid / Cookies
  • Harlem - Indica / GDP


Extracted CO2 Live Wax

Solventless live extracted co2 wax

When flavor matters our full spectrum terpene profiles never disappoint

Available Products:

  • Sativa - Green Goddess
  • Hybrid - Blue Dream
  • Indica - GDP

Sublime CBD

Day or Night we Got you covered

A 4:1 CBD that delivers full spectrum terps and a perfect balance
of CBD and THC. 40% CBD, 10%THC

100 mg of melatonin in every cart!  40%CBD, 10% THC. 
Enjoy the best sleep ever


Terpene enhanced, wax infused & covered in kief

World’s first terpene enhanced “LIVE JOINTS”

The Sneaker

The world’s first chargerless vape pen

There is nothing worse than having your vape pen when you’re out and don’t have a USB charger. The sneaker plugs directly into ANY usb and hooks onto your key chain so you’ll never be without power.