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Sublime Canna is a California-based, award-winning cannabis manufacturing company. We believe in the positive role marijuana can play in enhancing quality of life for everyone from the novice user to the seasoned connoisseur. We are an industry innovator, promoting a passionate and scientific approach to cannabis cultivation, production, distribution and use.

Our Method

From flower to finish, we control 100 percent of the process to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency.

All of our products start with pesticide-free, sunkissed bud from our partner farms in California’s Emerald Triangle. Our oils are made with state-of-the-art, custom-built extraction machines which keep the entire process temperature controlled to stay true to the plant’s natural profile. The cold ethanol extraction method concentrates the desired plant oils and leaves the rest behind. From there, our team of Ph.D. scientists reintroduce full-spectrum terpenes for enhanced flavor and further refine the oil with a proprietary distillation method. Our oils are made with no added industrial terpenes or harmful solvents for the cleanest and best tasting experience possible.


Our Products

Sublime’s gold line of cartridges are named after some of our favorite places, with full-spectrum terpene profiles and strains to match their moods. The pure Indica Harlem has an earthy flavor, and gives a dreamy buzz with a body high. Malibu, a relaxing Indica hybrid, was designed to enhance the enjoyment of outdoors. Rio is a bright sativa with a citrusy taste that aids in creating and entertaining. And, Tokyo, a piney, full-bodied Sativa, creates a stimulating experience. All of the gold cartridges have glass tips that are designed for dab-like pulls and better hits.

Sublime’s CBD line has products for both day and night. Our High-C CBD cartridge promotes relaxation and pain relief without a head high because of its 20-to-1 blend of CBD and THC. Our Sleep CBD cartridge is infused with melatonin for sweet dreams.

And, of course, we have our Fuzzies, pre-rolls made with top-of-the line flower that is infused with cannabis oil and rolled in kief. They really pack a punch. Sublime’s Fuzzies come in two different sizes – King and Mini – for different needs, and two different strains – OG Kush Indica and Super Silver Haze Sativa – for different moods.

We take great pride in the products we manufacture. From flower to finish, we control 100 percent of the process to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency.

What the Press is saying

What Customers Are Saying

Excellent product! The GDP has a very nice flavor and I look for that. The cartridge itself is superior and the box is high end. Pricing is very good and I even sense generosity in the amount provided. Just seems that way. So very much Californian of you.
— John Gunderson, Modesto

Sublime Gold

Refined for potency, Impossibly smooth

Sublime Gold cartridges are the optimal vaping experience. Smooth and sweet, Sublime's carts contain cannabinoids and proprietary terpene blends for "dab-like" pulls. Glass tips make for refined vaping. Each cart is compatible with most standard vape batteries.

Available products:

  • Tokyo - Sativa / Green Goddess

Effects: Focused, playful, alert, adventurous

Robots, bullet trains and fire-breathing dragons, the “Land of the Rising Sun” is all bright lights and no limits. This brilliant sativa brings the heat for a stimulating experience.

  • Rio - Sativa Hybrid / Sour Diesel

Effects: Vibrant, balanced, passionate, jovial

Named after a city that knows how to celebrate, this bright sativa hybrid will make you the life of the party. It’s uplifting, radiant and full of energy – best for entertaining or getting those creative juices flowing.

  • Malibu - Indica Hybrid / Cookies

Effects: Peaceful, cheerful, calm, thoughtful

Endless summers, longboards and sun-kissed memories – this relaxing indica hybrid was designed to enhance the enjoyment of outdoors. It’s perfect for impromptu beach trips, joyful moments and enlightened afternoons.

Effects: Pain relief, euphoria, relaxation, sleep

Charismatic, artistic and cool, this pure indica is all about body and soul. Its dreamy buzz is a companion to good music and lazy Sundays.

 Sublime Malibu cartridge


And coming soon ... Sublime's next generation of vape carts ...

Sublime CBD

Day or Night, we've Got you covered




When cannabinoids are enhanced by proprietary terpene blends, the results are sublime. And when you want relaxation without the “high” Sublime High-C CBD cartridge is your best bet. This cart contains a blend of CBD and THC for a delightful balance. 





Dream a little dream with Sublime Sleep. These cartridges contain a blend of CBD and THC, enhanced with melatonin for the ultimate sleep aid. The all-in-one vape carts, available in metallic or matte, contain the battery, no charging necessary. Just inhale and relax. Nighty night.




Sprinkled with Shatter & covered in kief

King Fuzzies


Bored with the average joint? Try Sublime King Fuzzies. These full gram, terpene-enhanced pre-rolls start with premium flower – sprinkled with shatter – and then are rolled in kief for a truly potent smoke.


These Indica-dominant pre-rolls are a good option for when you want to bring it down a level.


These Sativa-dominant pre-rolls are a great way to energize your day.




When you’re in the market for a quick hit, but don’t want to smoke an entire joint, try Sublime Mini-Fuzzies. These potent pre-rolls start with premium flower – mixed with shatter - then rolled in kief. Each pack contains three “live” mini joints in two different varieties, OG Kush Indica or Super Silver Haze Sativa.


The Sneaker

The world’s first chargerless vape pen

The Sublime Sneaker plugs directly into any USB outlet and also attaches to your keychain for discreet and on-the-go vaping. You never have to worry about losing your charge – or charger – again thanks to Sublime’s convenient design.


Sublime products are available at dispensaries throughout California.

Aptos: Santa Cruz Naturals Berkeley: Berkeley Patient Group, Patient’s Care Collective, Green Team, Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley (CBCB) Carmel: Big Sur CannaBotanicals Castroville: Higher Level of Care Ceres: Kase's Journey City of Industry: Valley Greenhouse Covina: WestPoint Medicinal Crows Landing: Highway 33 El Dorado: Foothill Wealth and Wellness, Pure Life Wellness, Highlands, All Natural Wellness Ft Bragg: Herban Legend Fullerton: EaseCanna Collective Hayward: We Are Hemp Lake Tahoe: Tahoe Wellness Los Angeles: OG Highlife, 2020 Cap LA, Buddha Collective, HHC +, Peace of Green, Greendoor West (DKE AS), LA Wonderland Cargivers, Herbarium, The Relief Collective Mendocino: High Tides, Leonard Moore Coop Modesto: Peoples Remedy, The Healing Flower, Jayden's Journey, Patients Care First, Empire Health Modesto / Riverbank: Flavors Mountain View: Arrive Delivery, Angelo Delivery Oakland: Telegraph Health, True Healing, Blum, West Coast Finest, Phytologie, Magnolia Wellness Orinda: Mountain Remedy Pacifica: West Manor Wellness, One Fifty Collective, Cannabis Wellness Center Palm Desert: Green Pearl Organics, Desert's Finest, CCCN, WCCC Pasadena: Roze City Richmond: Green Remedy, Fly Fast Delivery, Holistic Healing, 7 Stars Sacramento: RCP, All About Wellness, Valley Health, Hugs Alternative Care, South Sacramento Care Center (SSCC), Connected Sacramento, Golden Health & Wellness, Safe Accessible Solutions (SAS), Doctor's Orders RX, Twelve Hour Care, Florin Wellness Center, Alternative Medical Center, House of Organics, Premium Standard, CC101, Abatin, Dobby San Diego: Southwest Patient Group, Harbor Collective, The Healing Center San Diego (THCSD), Golden State Greens, Goldn Bloom, Mankind, Ramona Cannabis Co, San Diego Natural, San Diego Recreational Cannabis SDRC, C3,  Torrey Holistic, Horizon, Urban Leaf San Francisco: Urban Pharm SF, Barbary Coast, Shambhala, Green Door, ReLeaf, Vapor Room Delivery, True Healing Delivery, Harvest on Geary, Harvest off Mission, Green SF Delivery, Grass Roots, Mac Delivery, SF Delivery MCD, Lifted Village, Flower Power, SFFogg, Medithrive, Waterfall Wellness, Four Seasons Delivery, Cookies SF San Jose: Herbs Collective, NHPR, CannaCulture, Purple Lotus, Lux, Connected Cannabis, Haze, White Fire, Swans Cannabis, Buddy's Cannabis, Caliva, Elemental Wellness, Le Shoppe, The Guild, Mint Xpress, Theraleaf Relief San Mateo: Highwayz Delivery San Ramon: Violet Delivery, Hip Joynt Santa Ana: Connected Cannabis Co. Santa Ana Santa Cruz: Herbal Cruz, Treehouse, Santa Rosa: Sonoma Patient Group, Redwood Herbal Alliance, Herban Voyage Seaside: SugarLeaf Trading Co., Higher Level of Care 2 Shasta Lake: Leave it to Nature Slymar: Famous Roots LLC Soquel: Therapeutic Health Ctr (THC) Ukiah: Revolution Emporium, Kure Wellness Vallejo: HTP Group, Releaf, Better Health Group, Happy Herbs, Vallejo Holistic Health Center, US Bloom, Hemp Hop Station, Highway 99 Van Nuys: CFC Collective, Westside Caregivers Watsonville: California Greens West Lake Village: LedLloyd420 Delivery Woodland Hills: SoCalCoop

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Have a good idea for a cannabis product and want to make it happen? 

Contact Sublime and let the experts create your product from start to finish.




Best Cartridge –1st Place Hempcon 2017 Cup Finals

Best Cartridge – 1st Place CannaGames 2017

Best Cartridge – 1st Place Halloweed 2017

Best Cartridge – 1st Place Hempcon Summer Games 2017

Best Indica – 1st Place Hempcon Spring 2017

Best Hybrid – 1st Place Hempcon Fall 2017

Best Sativa – 1st Place Hempcon Fall 2016

Best Concentrate – 2nd Place Edibles Magazine 2016

Best Cartridge – 3rd Place 420 2017

Best Hybrid Vape – 3rd Place Edibles Magazine 2016

Best Sativa Vape – 3rd Place Edibles Magazine 2016

Best Indica Vape – 3rd Place Edibles Magazine 2016

Best Vape Flavor – 3rd Place Edibles Magazine 2016



Best Pre-Roll – 1st Place Edibles Magazine 2016

Best Sativa Flower – 2nd Place Edibles Magazine 2016

Best Indica Flower – 2nd Place Edibles Magazine 2016



Best CBD + Melatonin – 1st Place Hempcon Fall 2017

Best CBD – 1st Place CannaGames 2017

Best CBD – 1st Place Hempcon Summer Games 2017

Best CBD – 3rd Place Edibles Magazine 2016

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